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Customer Testimonials

"Can I take this opportunity to say how much we've appreciated your support as a company in allowing us to make this trip. It has been a great benefit to us all to be able to be with the family at the funeral. Especially for our 11 year old son, Ben who was best friends with the deceased. I've passed on my thoughts to Latin Link too, who we work for and who organise our insurance"

"We are immensely grateful for this excellent health policy which is playing such a role in looking after many Christians across the world"

"I am grateful not only for your kind consideration but for the speed with which the claim was settled"

"I would like to begin this letter by saying thank you to all at Banner for the compassionate and professional way in which you handled my health care needs. My wife and I both want you to know how much it meant to us at a time when we needed your help."

"Our eldest child, a college student, needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus on his right knee. We have not had to pay anything. Banner researched and approved the surgeon and organised the payment directly with him as well as for the MRI. When the hospital refused to accept Banner, they negotiated with the hospital through their US branch and sent funds before the surgery to cover all hospital costs. He stayed in the private wing of the University of the West Indies hospital and received excellent care. He came out yesterday after three days. They are also going to cover his physiotherapy when he returns to the States for his Studies. I must say it is reassuring to know that our medical needs would be taken care of if we needed it."

Here is a selection of claim cases highlighting the value of being covered under our Medical and Travel policy:

"I just wish to pass on my sincere thanks for your wonderful and efficient service provided to me, and my Mum during my recent accident in Zambia. I have been overwhelmed by the standard of care, and the service offered. I cannot express really in a letter how grateful I am, because without your prompt management and attention, without a doubt I would have died in Zambia. Your SOS overseas office airlifted me to Johannesburg, where I had the most fantastic care I could have had, and it is because of you and them my life was saved. You have been such a blessing to Mum and I, and took such a load off our minds, as we knew we were in your very capable hands, and everything was sorted out for us without any stress at all. I really have no words except a huge thank you, which really seems inadequate, but please just know we are so grateful for you, and for the wonderful service you provided for us, and I am sure for many others." HH

Mrs. A, a Missionary worker in The Congo, became acutely and seriously unwell in the space of 36 hours. The provisional diagnosis was a bowel obstruction and strangulated abdominal hernia, which required immediate surgery. Medical facilities in the region were not sufficiently developed to cope with the problem and the outlook was very poor. Underwriters authorised an immediate Doctor-escorted air ambulance to the nearest CoME, (Centre of Medical Excellence) which was Johannesburg. She underwent emergency surgery there and made a complete recovery

Mr. A, a Missionary attachment worker in Iraq was overcome by fumes from a faulty gas heater in his accommodation and suffered Carbon Monoxide poisoning. He required an immediate high-oxygen flush in a hyperbaric chamber, a facility that was not available in situ or indeed in the surrounding region. Underwriters were therefore happy to authorise a Doctor-escorted air-ambulance evacuation to the UK, where the treatment was undertaken successfully, and the gentleman made a rapid and complete recovery.

Mrs. B, a Missionary in rural China developed viral meningitis and her condition required immediate transfer to a CoME, in this instance, Hong Kong. She was taken there by air ambulance with a nurse escort, and was admitted to hospital for treatment. The progress of her recovery was slow, but she eventually made a full recovery.

Mrs. H, a Missionary in Tajikistan began suffering deep radiating chest pains, shortness of breath and palpitations. A serious cardiac condition was suspected, but there were insufficient medical facilities in her location for further investigation or appropriate treatment. She was therefore evacuated to Vienna, the nearest CoME, by Doctor-escorted air ambulance, where all tests proved negative and her condition was attributed to muscular spasms following a recent chest infection.

Mrs. M, a Missionary in Botswana was air evacuated on a commercial flight to Pretoria by her GP, as he suspected she had a serious bowel obstruction. This indeed proved to be the case and emergency surgery was performed. The outcome was good and Mrs. M subsequently returned to her duties.

Mrs. T, a Missionary in Tajikistan developed pre-eclampsia at 29 weeks pregnant, necessitating an air ambulance evacuation to the UK for urgent delivery of the infant. Facilities in situ were totally inadequate to treat the eclampsia and the premature infant.

Mr. Y, a Missionary worker in Luanda was found unconscious at the side of the road, having been noted as behaving strangely in the preceding day or two. A brain tumour was suspected, necessitating air ambulance evacuation to Johannesburg for definitive diagnosis and treatment. An aggressive tumour was discovered and was removed.

Master Z, a 17-month-old child became critically unwell with Bronchopneumonia in Uzbekistan where the medical facilities were totally inadequate to treat him. Underwriters therefore authorised an air ambulance evacuation to Paris, (the nearest readily accessible centre of medical excellence) at a cost of over £50,000. The child was admitted to intensive paediatric care where he remained for 10 days, eventually making a full recovery.

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