About Banner Financial Services

About Banner Financial Services

Banner Financial Services is one of the UK’s leading providers of specific travel insurance to mission and aid workers, insuring personnel from over 480 organisations from the UK and worldwide since 1992.

Banner Financial Services customers are often located around the world, sometimes in high risk regions, where there is a need for poverty relief, aid and missionary work, healthcare, infrastructure development, training and education. We offer competitive insurance premiums to give protection and peace of mind for you and your family.

For whatever reason you are travelling abroad you need adequate travel insurance in place before you go. Unfortunately unforeseen emergencies can happen, so it is important to think carefully about your specific travel insurance needs. Often, a standard travel policy will not cover every eventuality that may arise in these situations.

Credit card accident cover, home insurance, EHIC or private health cover is often not sufficient for the cover you may require.

If you are involved in an emergency abroad it can be extremely expensive and the British Embassy or High Commission will not pay for this.

For example the cost could be:

Southern Europe to UK air ambulance – £16,000*

*Figure referenced from IAS Medical – Air Ambluance Costs

The emergency medical solutions Banner Financial Services offers its insurance customers recognise that you may need medical transportation from undeveloped Countries. We arrange insurance for all ages and existing medical conditions. A directory of firms that provide cover for existing medical conditions can be found at MoneyHelper – Insurance Directory. Banner Financial Services arranges insurance with a number of these firms.

We are committed to providing flexible and dedicated insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of individuals and groups working in the following areas:

  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Charity work overseas
  • Not for Profit organisations
  • Aid and Relief workers
  • Missionaries
  • Field / Research work aboard
  • Doctors and Nurses abroad
  • Teaching/Educating overseas
  • Working overseas
  • Volunteering abroad
  • Gap Year travellers


“By talking directly to NGO’s about their current requirements and future needs, Banner is rightly seeking to combine expertise and a professional service with humanitarian motivation. They have done this brilliantly over the past 16 years – and have issued over 10,000 travel and medical policies in the past 12 months alone. Long may they continue to fill this unique role.”



Banner Financial Services has been able to keep personnel on the ground when no one else has been willing to offer cover.

The Development Director of one of Britain’s leading providers of aid, needed to return to Darfur to oversee relief operations, but was refused cover by every company they had approached.

When they approached Banner, we were able to facilitate immediate cover. In a region where maybe as many as 400,000 people have been killed and 90% of the villages destroyed the importance of keeping aid flowing cannot be under-estimated. Without Banner this might not have been possible.



“Without this cover we would have been in an enormously difficult position, the only alternative would have been for us to self-insure and bear the risks of accident cover and medical emergencies ourselves.”

Martin Kelly

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