Office & Liability Insurance

Office & Liability Insurance

If your organisation has an office location then you may be responsible for insuring both the office building and its business contents.

Buildings tend to be insured for their replacement value and insured against things like fire, storm, flood and explosion.

Contents tend to be insured against loss or damage in the event of events such as fire, storm and theft.

When considering the value of business contents you should think about the value of replacing items such as computer equipment with new models or members of staff that use equipment away from the office, and potentially overseas. You should also be aware of any remote workers and any office equipment they may have away from the premises e.g. computers.

As well as insuring your organisation’s physical assets you will need to consider its need for liability insurances. Employers Liability is a statutory requirement in the UK and you need to have a minimum of £5m cover to protect your organisation against claims from employees. Public liability insurance covers claims made by third parties (including members of the public, partners and other organisation or providers) for damage or losses that occur  due to the charity’s activities.

Policies can vary in scope and the level of cover provided, therefore, cover should be tailored based on the specific risks that your charity may be exposed to – which will largely be defined by the activities it undertakes.

Office buildings, contents and liability insurances are often bought as a package – to get an office or liability insurance quotation for your organisation then please get in touch.

Office & Liability Insurance
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