Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is designed to protect your organisation from threats and attacks such as hacks, malware, denial of service, phishing and data breaches.

In today’s digital environment it is vital to be aware of the threats to your organisation’s security as cyber threats can be wide and varied

Cyber insurance works in two ways

Firstly it protects your organisation against the costs of investigating cyber crime, data recovery, loss of income as a result of an organisation shut down, restoration of computer systems, as well as, ransom demands by hackers, reputation restoration and notification costs – if you are required to notify third parties.

Secondly cyber insurance, will, in the event of a third party claim against you, cover costs of defence and any awards, damages or settlements you are required to pay.


Why Consider Cyber Insurance?

You should consider cyber insurance if:

  • Your organisation operates an IT infrastructure, particularly if you have remote workers
  • If your organisation holds customer data


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Cyber Insurance
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