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International Private Medical Insurance

Visiting a different country has always come with various entry requirements – may be a visa, a return ticket, a local place to stay, or a passport with a minimum period of validity remaining.

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries have introduced more stringent requirements for example proof you have purchased healthcare cover.

In the UK, international private medical insurance (IPMI) has long worked alongside the NHS, often as more of a luxury than a necessity – but it is worth remembering one of the main attractions of an organisation providing a private policy for employees was the ability to avoid NHS queues and allow staff to benefit from quicker treatment.

One of the consequences of the pandemic is that hospital waiting lists have reached record highs and the wait for treatment may be longer we have been used to. There is also the added convenience of being able to choose the time and location of your treatment.

What can International Private Medical Insurance Plans Include?

IPMI plans can include cover for day-to-day medical expenses e.g.:

  • visits to the doctor,
  • planned surgery,
  • emergency treatment,
  • maternity cover,
  • outpatient care,
  • and dental.

Plans can also include cover for chronic and congenital conditions and a wide range of pre-existing conditions, often without any additional exclusions or additional cost. 

Benefits of International Private Medical Insurance

More comprehensive cover than travel insurance
Avoid long NHS ques
Treatment where and when you want it
Add alongside current insurance policies

Please note that cover can be tailored, allowing individuals or organisations to create a plan that best suits their needs.

Do you have any questions on purchasing IPMI or how this product fits alongside other insurances? – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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