Exploring the benefit of International Private Medical Insurance for those on or about to go on overseas placements.

Now more than ever, it is important to consider the insurance provisions you have in place for personnel overseas. We take look at how IPMI can benefit those living and working overseas, including cover for pandemic situations.

What are the Benefits?

International Private Medical Insurance [IPMI] can be fully portable, meaning the cover is not restricted to a particular territory and therefore may be appropriate cover for people travelling and living overseas for a period of time, on placement or secondment.

What is Covered?

IPMI is generally designed for individuals living for an extended period overseas and can be made available to those posted on a short term basis for as low as one month duration. IPMI differs from travel insurance in that it tends to be more medical focused, providing cover for emergency and routine medical care, planned surgery and often allowing a degree of choice where you receive treatment.

Travel insurance will cover areas such as trip cancellation, missed departure, loss of documents, personal possessions and personal liability as well as emergency medical expenses. In the past Insurers have tended to adopt a sympathetic attitude to what is an “emergency” but the substantial losses they are facing from Covid-19 may result in a tighter definition being applied on current policies especially if they have decided to stop writing travel insurance in the future.

Can you tailor cover for our group?

IPMI can offer tailored cover for individuals, families and groups with varying sums insured and is often modular in approach – so you can include covers such as dental and maternity care. Cover can also be provided for existing conditions and also for some chronic conditions.

IPMI will also provide for pandemic situations including Covid-19 which can often be clearly excluded under travel insurance covers.

Are you considering International Private Medical Insurance for your organisation?

Each traveller and their trip is unique, so if you would like more information then speak with Banner so we can understand your exact requirements and tailor insurance cover to ensure your overseas placements have suitable protection in place.

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